Disinsection from “Ukrbioekologia” – a set of measures to eliminate household insects: cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, wasps, ticks, mosquitoes and others.

We work quickly and prepare an annual contract within an hour, working on weekends and holidays. We use only certified chemicals and use modern equipment.

We are working in homes, offices, hospitals, educational institutions, utilities and other facilities.


All types of household insects

We work seven days a week

Annual contract within an hour

Disinsection – a set of measures to eliminate pests using physical, chemical and biological agents.

Our experts applied drugs using modern equipment – generator of hot and cold mist, which allows to apply disinfectant solution in the form of tiny microparticles as a gas.

We work only with certified European quality drugs, the concentration of which is adjusted individually for each client.

Why should you conduct processing of insects?

Insects are capable not only to spoil your mood, but also household appliances. If you find in the apartment at least one cockroach or ant – start acting immediately! Do not be naive to believe that he really is one and only accidentally got to you from the neighbors. Ordering services disinfestation of our company – you permanently forget about the insects and will be only host of your home.

Call us and we will save you from this problem forever!


We carry out following work:

  • Extermination of cockroaches;
  • Extermination of ants;
  • Extermination of fleas;
  • Extermination of mites;
  • Extermination of wasps and hornets;
  • Extermination of bedbugs;
  • Extermination of lice;
  • Extermination of mosquitoes.

In homes, offices, cottages, country houses, hospitals, school facilities, beauty salons, sports clubs, saunas, sports complexes, food and manufacturing plants, mini-workshops, factories, catering, cafeterias, cafés, restaurants, dormitories, and al.

Also work in public areas – forest and suburban areas, farm lands and parking lots.

All household insects bring a lot of inconvenience to the life of man. In homes, especially the elderly, they are often colonized and then easily reproduce.

Operational disinfestation in Kyiv region from “Ukrbioekologia” – a guaranteed solution of your problems!

Disinsection (cafes, restaurants, offices) – from 1400 UAH

Disinsection 1,2,3-bedroom apartments – from 750 UAH

The contract for complex services – from 1400 UAH


(044) 360-67-99

(097) 727-14-36


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