Disinfection from the company “Ukrbioekologia” – it is a set of measures to combat harmful microbes and viruses that are carriers of infectious diseases.

In our work we use only certified chemicals and modern equipment – generators of hot and cold fog that allow you to apply disinfectant solution in the form of microparticles.

Modern technologies allow to disinfect work areas without stopping the workflow. Properly disinfected room cleared of all types of viruses and bacteria.

Apartments and houses

Offices and production facilities

Public institutions

Preventive disinfection. This type of disinfection aims to prevent contamination of pathogens and the emergence of epidemics. It is used when the location of the source of infection or its availability is unknown.

Current disinfection. Measures systematically conducted while patients with infectious bacteria indoors. Disinfection events are held several times a day depending on the epidemiological situation.

The final disinfection. For preventing the spread of dangerous pathogens and existing microbes indoors after patient was sick.

Our company provides disinfection in public places – Communal facilities, pools, saunas, sports clubs, beauty salons, railway stations, airports, kindergartens, schools and others.

Only our employees will help you choose protection in order to prevent damage to your health and the environment.

Disinfection with our company – is the only option to get rid of germs and viruses.


  • Preventive disinfection
  • Current disinfection
  • The final disinfection

We provide services for such facilities:

  • Residential buildings (apartments, houses, homes)
  • Enterprises and organizations (offices, production facilities, child care, public facilities, social facilities, hotels, campgrounds, sports facilities, etc.)
  • Medical institutions (hospitals, dispensaries, health centers)
  • Food storage warehouses, retail space
  • Veterinary facilities (farms, barns, pigsties, poultry houses)

Operational disinfection in Kyiv region from “Ukrbioekologia” – a guaranteed solution of your problems!


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