Deratization from “Ukrbioekologia” – is the extermination of harmful rodents, moles, mice, rats, voles and others.

Professional extermination of rodents made comprehensively and in a short time, with registration of all necessary documentation of SES.

All our preparations for extermination of rats are latest generation from leading foreign manufacturers (related to hazardous substances of 4-th group). Approved for use in food production and preschools.


Apartments and houses

Offices and production facilities

The latest generation of Preparations

Rats – are dangerous hawkers of infectious diseases and exterminate theme on your own almost impossible. First, the rats quickly learn, so even the best bait very quickly lose relevance, and secondly, they have a highly developed instinct for self-preservation. And thirdly, rats multiply rapidly.

So if your office or house occupied by rats, then fight them alone is meaningless – you need apply to the professionals. If you do not want to have a big problem, then begin deratization as soon as possible.

Additionally, rats are very dangerous in epidemiological terms (they are carriers of diseases such as plague, scabies, etc.), they are dangerous economically.

Disinfestation of our company – is the only option to get rid of rats.

Sanitation rodent control – elimination of favorable conditions for the appearance of rodents, blocking sites of possible occurrence of holes and access to food.

Extermiation disinfestation – conducted if traces of rodents where detected or their stay in the premises by chemical or mechanical methods.

Deratization in Kyiv and region – one of the most necessary services for business.

Rodents periodically appear in different locations in the workplace, in back rooms and even in the food courts of shopping centers, medical and educational institutions, as well as residential apartments and houses.

To carry out deratization (destruction of rodents) as a preventive measure in public places recommended at least 1 time per year.

The company “Ukrbioekologia” provides the following types of disinfestation operations:

  • Conducting one-off measures to destroy rodents in all types of facilities and surrounding areas
  • Providing systematic disinfestation services for companies, warehouses and public institutions


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Popular products for deratization

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