Pest Control Management

Pest Control from the company “Ukrbioekologia”. Our technicians-environmentalists perform complex work to reduce or eliminate the risk of infection due to pests (including rodents, insects and birds).

Monitoring the premises as well as means of pest control. We provide comprehensive consultations and recommendations.


Development of the Pest Control Program

Best prices

Our experts will strictly follow the requirements of Ukrainian legislation

We use European approaches. Providing cremation of dead animals and release the survivors in forest (or perform euthanasia).

Rats, mice, insects, cockroaches, flies, ants and other animals that may be carriers of parasites.

Pests are a danger:
– biological contamination (carry viruses and bacteria)
– physical contamination (pollution of body parts, hair, urine, excrement)
– significant losses

Operative Pest Control in Kiyv region from “Ukrbioekologia” – a guaranteed solution of your problems!


  • Development and implementation of Pest Control programs
  • Audit of Pest Control System at the enterprise
  • Quality assessment of Pest Control work program performed by a third party


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