“Ukrbioekologia” for many years engaged professionally with correct disposal of hazardous waste.

We provide services for legal entities and private persons.

We make annual contracts for recycling

Care for the environment

We will provide the logistics process

Environmental lifestyle involves responsible and respect attitude for nature. Broken energy-saving light bulb demands the very careful and neat treatment.

If lamp is smashed you should:

  1. Open the door to the apartment for at least 15 minutes to thoroughly ventilate the room
  2. Collect the fragments and parts of the bulb with disposable rubber gloves, you can not use a brush or vacuum cleaner
  3. Collect all fragments using solid piece of cardboard or heavy paper and place them in a sealed container or plastic bag
  4. The surface on which the lamp was broken, must be carefully wiped with a damp cloth and place in the same airtight container or plastic bag
  5. Fragments must be recycled, throwing in the garbage disposal is strictly prohibited!

Remember – throwing fluorescent lamps in conventional trash cans can cause irreparable damage to the environment.

Operational disposal of hazardous waste in Kyiv region from “Ukrbioekologia” – a guaranteed solution of your problems!

  • Recycling of fluorescent lamps
  • Disposal of waste electrical and electronic components, which include batteries
  • The utilization of all types of energy efficient light bulbs and appliances
  • We make annual contracts for the disposal of fluorescent lamps
  • We provide services for the transport and loading of energy saving lamps

Promptly prepare billing documentation for the customer.


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