How your business can affect infectious outbreak or microbial contamination?

Customer or employee health

The blow to the reputation

Profits reduction or loss of business

Regular inspections

In truth, it can lead to the devastating consequences. We have a better way!



  • Destruction of bacteria, microbes, viruses, fungi etc
  • Sanitization after illness or death


  • Extermination of insects at home: cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas
  • Extermination of insects in open areas: mosquitoes, wasps, mites, hornets, ants, etc.


  • Extermination of moles (lawn protection)
  • Extermination of rats, mices, including bats

Hazardous waste recycling

  • Recycling of fluorescent lamps
  • Disposal of electrical and electronic components, which include batteries
  • The utilization of all types of energy efficient light bulbs and appliances

Pest Control Management

  • Development and implementation of Pest Control programs
  • Audit of Pest Control System at the enterprise
  • Quality assessment of Pest Control work program performed by a third party


  • General cleaning of premises
  • Washing of glass surfaces (windows, shop windows and stained glass)
  • Dry flooring, upholstered furniture
  • Professional cleaning of parking lots and open areas with specialized equipment

Preparation and sale of recyclable materials

  • Waste paper, glass, PET, aluminum cans
  • Utilization of archives

Ventilation channels cleaning

Full range of services in ventilation channels cleaning

Cremation of pets corpses

Modern approach and European practice

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Feedback from our customers

Kyiv Zoo, expressing his gratitude to the team of “Ukrbioekolohiya” according to their work on disinfection, disinfestation and deratization at the zoo.

Due to the serious approach and qualified staff of “Ukrbioekolohiya”, operations at the territory of the Kyiv Zoo was carried out at the highest level, taken into account the reccomendations of veterinarians.

It is pleasant to note attentive attitude of employees to the customer, their high qualification, efficiency in work, integrity and honesty.

Work carried out efficiently and delivered on time.

Trantin K.V.

Director General, Kyiv Zoo